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Quality Global Services Inc (QGS) can help customers operationalize their Cloud strategy by creating the right team of resources and experts depending on specific Cloud Computing needs, whether it pertains to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Business applications (Saas), Developer services (PaaS) or simply helping you undertand your needs based on Private, Public or Hybrid Clouds. QGS can help customers identify business cases to realize and maximize the value for your business intelligence initiatives. Our expertise in methodologies, architectures, and technologies can transform your raw data into meaningful information and provide strategic, tactical and competitive intelligence.  

QGS experts can provide use of descriptive techniques and predictive models to gain valuable knowledge from data analysis. The insights from data analysis result in effective decision making rooted in business contexts. Our experts in Marketing Optimization, Portfolio, Risk and Digital Analytics can help your business in accurate reporting, research, optimization, forecasting and predictions. Enterprise information management (EIM) is a strategic business discipline that combines many of the key principles of enterprise integration, business intelligence (BI), and content management to streamline and formalize the activities associated with data storage, access, and handling. Comprehensive EIM initiatives blend processes and technologies to significantly improve the way information is managed and leveraged across a company.  

QGS provides training in Project Management and BigData (Fundamentals & Deep Dive). Our highly qualified instructors are available to employees, contractors and clients alike and provide mentorship and guidance in practical and simulated project environments including offshore management Onsite Corporate Training, Remote Online Training, Open Courses via Website/online.



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